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Written by Vanessa Belmonte
on May 19, 2020

In the beginning of 2020, the ExO Community set a goal to make 2020 the year of the  ExO. The global pandemic has accelerated the transformation of our world and exponential concepts are gaining momentum and attention.

In alignment with the ExO Community's MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) to transform the world for a better future, the OpenExO team launched ExO World and have since executed two successful virtual gatherings.

ExO World is a virtual event series aimed at exploring the current global scenario and empowering people, organizations and governments with the knowledge and skills to develop solutions that transform the world for a better future.

The first event was the ExO World Digital Summit that took place on 14-16th April 2020, where more than 2,800 people and 130 speakers gathered inside an interactive online ‘festival’ for 56 hours of awe-inspiring content, 200 breakout sessions, 2,700 networking connections, and 10,300 chat messages!

The second ExO World event took place on 12 May 2020 titled ExO World: Now! which was a condensed version of April’s event, taking place over the course of 12+ hours.

Mind-blowing presentations followed by deep dives into transformative topics ranging from Biotechnology, SDGs, and the Future of Government to psychedelics, peak performance and the exponential renaissance. The collective information, inspiration and energy shared were unprecedented. 

In an effort to capture some of the gems below are some of the top highlights, quotes and tips below from speakers & contributors at the ExO World events, organized in 5 main buckets: 

  • Personal transformation
  • Society transformation
  • Business transformation
  • Leadership transformation 
  • Exponential technologies



Below are some of the highlights and top quotes captured at both ExO World events. 


Personal Transformation

"Your inbox is nothing but a convenient organizational system for other people's agenda in your life" - Jim Kwik

“Sky is not the limit.”

"When you are in flow, your productivity increases 500%.” - Steven Kotler

“Empathy is one of the skills we can help children build by having them be aware of what they are thinking & feeling while they are watching.” - Nicole Drieske

“We need to turn on the mind and heart before turning on technology. There's an interstitial moment before tech use of any and all kinds and we need to engage it.” - Nicole Dreiske

“Whatever scares you - do that thing” - Lakshmi Pratury 


Society Transformation


“We’re watching the rise of the abundance economy. A new system to replace the obsolescence of industrial systems.” - Salim Ismail

“Trust is the verb of the future.” - Jerry Michalski

Salim Ismail shared the concept of technological socialism - shifting to a self-organizing mechanism with minimal oversight. Think Uber but the drivers own the system. 

“Education is a push based system.”

It is really not healthcare but sick care, its reactive not preventive - Dr. Daniel Kraft

“Let's focus on the predictive and prescriptive aspects of healthcare. And the data-driven outcomes with very individualized, personalized medicine that come along from this.” - Dr. Daniel Kraft

“Scarcity is abundance minus trust. If we can solve trust, then we get to abundance.” - Jerry Michalski

“When we educate a woman, we educate a village” -  Lakshmi Pratury 

“The world isn't civilized, it's materialized.” - Salim Ismail

“This is the first battle in the last war against diseases.”  - Raymond McCauley 

“Let’s use this connectivity to convey how important it is to care for the natural systems, land & sea, that make earth habitable.” - Sylvia Earle


Exponential Technology


“We are now on the verge of reading and writing to the brain directly.” - Dr. Divya Chander

“Our cars will be driving us!” - Brad Templeton

“The price of drones has plummeted from $100k in 2007 to $100 for an entry level consumer version today.” - Jim Harris

“$100 billion of new value is going to be created by drones & drone applications between now and 2024.” - Jim Harris 

“Biotechnology is a survival skill.” - Raymond McCauley 

“Artificial Intelligence is reinventing the way we invent.” - Neil Jacobstein



Business Transformation


"Data is the new oil." - Salim ismail 

“Pivoting and determination will prevail.” - David Rose

“Conscious visioning.” - Sylvia Benito tool for investors

"Even if you win the rat're still a rat." - Lakshmi Pratury 

“Covid19 is accelerating technologies and destroying jobs.” - Jeff Booth

“The old models don’t count anymore.” - Jeff Booth

“The deflationary abundance from technological development is staggering i.e. cell phones.” - Jeff Booth

No industry will remain untouched in the midst of this COVID-19. This pandemic will accelerate transformation, more than half of the world will be transformed in the next couple of months. 

These industries will be rapidly transformed: Retail, Education, Tourism, Transportation, and Healthcare. So start thinking and disrupting your own future. 


Leadership Transformation

“The better name for capitalism is innovation.”  -John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods

“For a leader, it’s not enough to just be smart. They need to be wise and they need to be curious.” - Chip Conley

“This pandemic gives us an amazing opportunity to do things differently. It’s a leadership issue that we have to take on globally.”- George Papandrea, the former Greece Prime Minister 

3 Leadership tips from John Hagel’s breakout session

1 - Never underestimate the power of the immune system,

2 - Take leadership out of their comfort zone to imagine what could be versus what is. As a shared group experience take them on a learning journey to someplace where there's extraordinary innovation, where the future is already happening like Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, Shenzhen China

3 - Bring in outsiders who will challenge leadership about assumptions of what business could look like 20 years from now. 

What were some of your favorite takeaways? Comment below or add your suggestions if I missed any.

See you at the next ExO World!

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